MyCare4U Healthcare Solutions Ltd Privacy and Cookie Policy

Our data protection principles

Our data protection approach is based on four essential principles. They are a vital to all we do with personal data.

Transparency: We process personal information in an open, honest, and transparent kind of way.

Enabling: We leverage data to connect individuals and employers, empowering us to locate the appropriate career for the right person.

Security: We ensure that security is at the heart of what we do, and we promise it through excellent organisational practices as well as technical measures.

Accountability: We propose good governance and the responsibilities that come with processing personal data.

You can find out more information about the ‘GDPR’ here: Click Here!

This Privacy Notice is meant to explain your rights and to address any questions you may have about your personal data. If you want any additional information, please contact:

Who We Are

The Ocean Healthcare Solutions Ltd (ICO registration ZB630090) is a healthcare recruitment company based at Midland Road, WS1 3QQ. We are responsible for determining what personal data is processed and for what purpose when we serve as a Data Controller. You have certain rights about how we process your data, which are outlined in the section “Your Privacy Rights” below. You can reach us at at any time. 

What information do we collect?

We start to collect information about you the moment you contact us, whether by email, phone, exploring (“Our Website”). This is done in some circumstances when you provide us with information directly, but it may also be done automatically in other cases.

When visiting Our Website

Data Types we Collect

When you visit Our Website, our web servers and/or cookies may automatically acquire personal information about you. This data may include your IP address, the date, and the pages you view.


Cookies are used on our website to differentiate you from other users. This contributes to a positive browsing experience on Our Website and allows us to enhance it.

You agree to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy by continuing to visit Our Website.

Cookies are tiny data files that websites that you visit place on your computer or mobile device. They are commonly used to make websites work and improve their usability, such as remembering an individual’s preferences and the count the number of people who visit a page.

Authentication cookies are the most frequent way used by webservers to determine whether a user is logged in or not when websites allow users to log in to services.

The law distinguishes between ‘strictly necessary’ cookies, such as those required for websites to function properly, and those that are not strictly necessary, such as tracking cookies or cookies used for online analytics.

IP addresses

Our webservers may also log IP addresses as part of their usual operation.

How and why we use the data

Our use of Cookies

We make use of these cookies on our website:

Strictly necessary cookies: For visitors to move around and enjoy the features of Our Website, including accessing secure sections, these cookies are necessary. They are essential to the site’s integrity, safety, and security. The duration of these cookies is limited to one browsing session. They are immediately erased after you go from Our Website.

Performance or Analytical cookies: Together with the use of these cookies, we are able to gather data about how users interact with our website, including visitor identification and counting as well as visitor behaviour analysis. This aids us in refining the functionality of Our Website.

Targeting cookies: These cookies maintain record of the pages you view, the links you click, and the time you spend on Our Website. We’ll use this data to better target our ads on Our Website and to better understand your interests. For this reason, we might also give this information to third parties.

Functionality cookies: They additionally help us identifying you the next time you visit our website. This enables us to remember your preferences, greet you by name, and customise our content for you.

Targeting cookies:  These cookies keep track of the pages you view, the links you click, and the time you spend on Our Website. We’ll use this data to better target our ads on Our Website and to better understand your interests. For this reason, we might also give this information to other parties.

Below is further details about the primary third-party platforms and cookies we utilise, along with the reasons we use them:

Platform: Google Analytics

Purpose: We leverage these cookies in order to have a better understanding of the kind of people that visit our website and the material that they view. This enables us to choose offers and content more wisely. Every now and again, we’ll put together aggregate data regarding how many people visit the website and what browsers are being used. This kind of reporting does not include any data that is personally identifiable.

Platform: Google Ads


Google utilises cookies for advertising purposes, such as delivering and displaying ads, customising ads, restricting the frequency of ad impressions, muted adverts that you have selected to no longer view, and tracking the efficacy of ads.

Further details: More information are available at Google Privacy Policy.

Consent to use cookies and changing settings

When collecting cookies or other such technologies on your device, we will ask for your permission, unless doing so is absolutely necessary for us to fulfil your request for a service. You have the ability to change your mind about using cookies.

You can configure your browser to reject all or some browser cookies, as detailed below under “you can manage your browser cookies.” However, if you choose to disable or reject cookies, we might not be able to provide you with certain services, and certain sections of the website might stop working or function incorrectly.

Third Parties who have access to this information

Cookies: Third parties never receive access to the “first party cookies,” which are cookies that we use on our own end to enable features on the website.

Please be aware that The Ocean Healthcare Solutions Ltd. has no control over the use of cookies by third parties, such as companies that offer external services like web traffic analysis services. These cookies should function in accordance with the applicable third party’s cookie policy. They are most likely to be targeting or analytical/performance cookies.

IP addresses: IP addresses on webserver logs are never disclosed to outside parties unless required by law or in reaction to an incident.

Links to sites provided by others

Please be advised that the owner of the other website may have their own privacy and cookie policies in effect if you follow a link from Our Website to another website. Since we have no control over what occurs at their website, we advise you to review their policies.

The lawful basis for holding this information

IP addresses might be kept in other webserver logs. These are kept on file under the legal justification of legitimate interest and are not distributed to any outside parties. This is because we have a right to make sure that any possible cyberattacks on our website are recorded. Unless there is an incident, in which case we may evaluate a longer retention period, the data is kept for one month.

When registering or logging into Our Website

Data Types we collect

We may hold the additional following information categories:

  • Contact Details
  • Data that can identify you
  • Location
  • Employment Information
  • CV
  • Cookies with your user ID
How and why we use the data

We retain the data you submit to us so that we can evaluate job openings for you and enable safe website logins. Without first getting in touch with you and obtaining your signed consent, we won’t share this information with outside parties.

The legal justification for possessing this data

We need to set certain “first party session” cookies that may be used to identify you in order for you to register for an account or log in to our website. As previously mentioned, these are exempt from requiring consent because they are absolutely required to enable the website’s functionality.

In order to carry out our services—such as processing, posting, and monitoring job applications—we might work with an outside third-party provider. Your personal information may be accessible to this service provider if it’s required to process any job applications you might submit. In accordance with our policies, all of our third-party service providers and other group companies must implement the necessary security measures to safeguard your personal information. We forbid our third-party service providers from exploiting your personal information for their own gain. We only give them permission to process your personal data as long as they follow our guidelines and for the intended purposes.

Your Privacy Rights

You have rights over how your data is processed and stored by us.

You have the option to keep personal information from us:

If you choose not to provide us with personal data, you can use our website, but we cannot create an account for you, or interact with you online, including about potential jobs.

You can manage your browser cookies:

By adjusting your browser’s settings, you can decide to prevent the use of cookies. You won’t be able to register or log in to our website if you decide to disable session cookies. You can turn off analytics cookies without affecting how the website functions. You can learn more about controlling and disabling cookies online.

You have the right to ask that your data not be used for marketing purposes for you:

We might also reach out to you to extend invitations to events or surveys. We will notify you if we plan to share your information with outside parties. You can contact us by email at to opt out of receiving marketing.

You have the right to access the information we hold on you:

If you wish to know what information we hold on you, please email us at and within one month we will send you information we may hold on you, for example:

  • The categories of data
  • The reason or purpose we are using your data
  • How long we plan to hold your data for
  • The categories of any third parties we may disclose your data to
  • Your rights on our use of your data

Certain data cannot be shared with you due to a conflict that could prevent it from violating the rights and freedoms of another party or an ongoing legal matter. If so, we will inform you that we are unable to fulfil your request for that reason.

You have the right to restrict or object to how your data is processed:

You may request us to restrict processing if you would prefer that we not erase your data but instead discontinue processing any or all of it.

Data Portability:

When you submit information electronically that is automatically processed, data portability is applicable. These kinds of systems are not part of the functionality of our website.

You have the right to have all your data erased:

You have the right to request that all of the data we hold about you be deleted. Get in touch with to learn how we can assist you with this. There are instances where We are compelled to keep information, such as in the course of a legal dispute, or where it is still required for Us to fulfil its obligations under a contract.

You can complain:

You have the right to file a complaint with the UK’s Supervisory Authority, the ICO, regarding how we handle your data. We kindly request that you get in touch with us first if you have any complaints so that we can attempt to address your issue. If not, the ICO offers a hotline the helpline at

We do not transfer data outside the EU:

The data you provide to us on this website does not get transferred outside of the EU.

Data Security:

Encrypted communications are used throughout the TFS website. Secure areas require password credentials, and the data on our servers is encrypted, backed up, and included in a physically secure data centre.

Every system has some vulnerabilities that a determined and experienced hacker could take advantage of, but we constantly assess our security protocols and make sure that any threats are addressed right away.

The Ocean Healthcare Solutions Ltd. is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales; registration number 13655917 – registered office address 214 Goscote Lane, Walsall, England, WS3 1PD.

Changes to this Policy

We may revise this Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time.  Any changes we may make in the future will be posted on this page.


What is the purpose of this section?

One company that handles data is The Ocean Healthcare Solutions Ltd. This implies that the decision about how to retain and use your personal information rests with us. A copy of this privacy notice is being sent to you as a result of your job application (whether you are applying to be an employee, worker, or contractor). It informs you of the uses and purposes of your personal data, which are limited to the recruitment process, as well as the typical length of time we keep it. It gives you access to specific data that is required by the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (GDPR).

Data protection principles

We will comply with data protection law and principles, which means that your data will be:

  • Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way.
  • Collected only for legitimate purposes that we have fully disclosed to you and not utilised in any manner that conflicts with those objectives.
  • Relevant to the purposes we have told you about and limited only to those purposes.
  • Precise and Continuously updated.
  • Kept only as long as necessary for the purposes we have told you about.
  • Kept securely.

The kind of information we hold about you:

In connection with your application for work with us, we will collect, store, and use the following categories of personal information about you:

  • The data that you submitted to us in your cover letter and curriculum vitae.
  • The information you have provided on our application/ registration form, including name, title, address, telephone number, personal email address, date of birth, gender, employment history, qualifications.
  • Any information you provide to us during an interview and/ or training/ shadowing day.
  • Test results, where applicable.

Additionally, the following “special categories” of more delicate personal data may be gathered, saved, and used by us:

  • Details concerning your political views, sexual orientation, religion, and race or ethnicity.
  • Instructions regarding your health, such as medical history and records of illnesses.
  • Information about criminal convictions and offences.

How is your personal information collected?

We collect personal information about candidates from the following sources:

  • As the candidate, you.
  • Agencies that handle hiring, from which we get the following kinds of information: Citations and Verification of Training
  • Trust I.D & Home Office -background check provider, from which we collect the following categories of data: Passports and Right to Work Compliance
  • With reference to criminal convictions, disclosure and barring services.
  • Your named referees, from whom we collect the following categories of data: Employment Dates, Clinical Skills, Band Level,
  • The following data from third parties is from a publicly accessible source – CV, Contact Details, Employment History, Qualifications, Skills.

How we will use information about you

We will use the personal information we collect about you to:

  • Assess your abilities, credentials, and fit for the position OR role.
  • Conduct reference and background checks, if necessary.
  • Talk to you regarding the hiring procedure.
  • Keep records related to our hiring processes.
  • Comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

Since it would be helpful to our business to appoint someone to that role or work, it is in our legitimate interests to decide whether or not to do so.

In order to determine whether to enter into an employment contract or “Agreement For Work finding Services” with you, we also need to process your personal information.

We will review your application, registration form, and test results (if applicable) after receiving your resume and cover letter. Based on this information, we will determine if you meet the minimum requirements to be considered for the position. If so, we will determine if your application is compelling enough to warrant an interview invitation. We will use the information you give us during the interview to determine whether to offer you the role OR work, should we choose to schedule an interview with you. Before finalising your appointment, we will verify references, run a criminal background check, and/or perform any additional checks, if we choose to extend the role or employment to you.

If you fail to provide personal information:

We won’t be able to properly process your application if you don’t give us the information we need to review it, like your work history or certification documentation, when we ask for it. For example, we won’t be able to proceed with your application if you don’t submit the necessary information when we ask for a credit check or references for this position.

How we use particularly sensitive personal information

We will use your particularly sensitive personal information in the following ways:

  • Your disability status will be taken into account when determining whether reasonable accommodations should be made during the hiring process, such as during an exam or interview.
  • To ensure meaningful equal opportunity monitoring and reporting, we will use information about your race, national or ethnic origin, religion, philosophy, or moral beliefs, as well as your sexual life or sexual orientation.

Information about criminal convictions

We plan to process information associated with criminal convictions.

If you are interested in the job, we will gather information about your past criminal convictions (subject to background checks and the fulfilment of any additional requirements, like references). In order to ensure that you are qualified for the position, we might need to run a criminal record check to make sure you have no history of convictions. To be specific:

  • Where we are legally required by a supplier Framework Agreement, we will carry out criminal record checks for those carrying out the role / work.
  • If the role is one which is [listed on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (SI 1975/1023)] or specified in the Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) Regulations (SI 2002/233)], it is eligible for a standard OR enhanced check from the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  • We would like you to request a basic disclosure of your criminal record history if the position demands a high level of trust and integrity.

We process such data according to with the law, and we have put in place the necessary safeguards and a policy document.

Data sharing

Why might you give third parties access to my personal information?

To process your application, we will only provide your personal information to the following third parties: IT providers and internal databases. In accordance with our policies, all of our third-party service providers and other group companies must implement the necessary security measures to safeguard your personal information. We forbid our third-party service providers from exploiting your personal information for their own gain. We only give them permission to process your personal data as long as they follow our guidelines and for the intended purposes.

Data security:

We have implemented the necessary security measures to guard against the accidental loss, unauthorised use, access, alteration, and disclosure of your personal information. Furthermore, we restrict access to your personal data to those workers, representatives, contractors, and other outside parties that require it for business purposes. They are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and will only process it as directed by us.

When required by law, we will notify you and any relevant regulator of a suspected breach. We have established protocols to handle any suspected data security breach.

Data retention

How long will you use my information for?

After informing you of our decision to either assign you to a role OR work, we will keep your personal information on file for a decade. We keep your personal information on file for that length of time in case we need to prove, in court, that we didn’t discriminate against applicants based on illegal grounds and that the hiring process was handled fairly and openly. In compliance with our data retention policy, we will safely destroy your personal information at the end of this time.

Rights of access, correction, erasure, and restriction

Your rights in connection with personal information

Under certain circumstances, by law you have the right to:

  • Request access to your private data (also referred to as a “data subject access request”). This gives you the ability to verify that we are processing your personal information lawfully and to obtain a copy of the personal information we have on file.
  • Request correction of the private data we currently have on you. This gives you the ability to request that any erroneous or incomplete information we have about you be updated.
  • Request erasure of your private data. This gives you the ability to request that we delete or remove personal data that we no longer need for legitimate purposes. Additionally, if you have used your right to object to processing, you have the right to request that we delete or remove your personal information (see below).
  • Object to processing of your personal information in cases where we are processing it because we believe it to be in our (or a third party’s) legitimate interest and you would like to object due to something specific about your situation. Additionally, if we are using your personal information for direct marketing, you have the right to object.
  • Request the restriction of processing of your personal information. This gives you the ability to request that we halt the processing of any personal information we may have about you, in the event that you would like us to verify its accuracy or the basis for processing it.
  • Request the transfer of your private data to a third party.

Please send a written request to the Manager if you would like to review, verify, correct, or request the erasure of your personal information, object to the processing of your personal data, or request that a copy of your personal information be sent to another party.

Right to withdraw consent

You gave us permission to process your personal information for the recruitment process when you applied for this position. You are always free to change your mind about being processed for that reason. Please email to our privacy team in order to revoke your consent. We will stop processing your application as soon as we receive notification that you have withdrawn your consent, and we will securely dispose of your personal data in accordance with our retention policy.